RG Competition Floor “Beijing”

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• FIG certified
• Official RG floor
• Extremely smooth RG carpet

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Official RG-floor of Olympic Games Beijing 2008 ! Size 16 x 16m. The floor consists of an underlay construction with 144 individual plates with special foam elements for high elasticity: 100 plates each 124×124 cm, 40 plates each124 x 62cm and 4 plats each 62 x 62 cm. 121 special wooden plates are covering on top held together by velcro. Extremely smooth RG Super Velours carpet with great fatique resistance, good noise damping and antistatic due to carbon fibres, consisting of 4 rolls each 16×4 m, red glue tape to mark the competition area of 13×13 m. Colour of carpet: savanne-beige


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