Laser Beam Hammock

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  • Straps are 72-in long which allows the hammock to hang about 64-in to 28-in from the item to which it is attached.  Heights are roughly 64”, 58”, 52”, 46”, 37”, 31”, 28”
  • A red loop at the base of the hammock allows the straps to double-back and hang from a higher height.
  • Velcro strategically placed to match the opposing Velcro on the Laser Beam Lite.
  • Use the stabilizing straps to secure the hammock and limit the amount of swing for safe play
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Taking balance to the next level, the Laser Beam Hammock provides a safe place for students to balance at new heights! Designed to hold a Laser Beam Lite securely in place while adjustable straps secure to another fixture like parallel bars.


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