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Easy to Move and Set up.

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3m x 1.5cm x 3.5cm

EZ Flex mats are incredibly quick to set up and break down, and easy to move.

Ideal for garage / In home gym.

Made to Last

EZ Flex mats are made to last, using the highest quality materials and the latest in manufacturing processes. The four keys to look for when buying carpet bonded foam mats are:

  • Foam: The most important component of any quality mat, our high-impact cross-linked polyethylene and EVA foams provide great shock absorption and durability.
  • Carpet Surface: Our mats are made with our custom heavy-duty carpet that’s durable while providing a great soft feel.
  • Foam/Carpet Bond: One of the keys to a long-lasting mat is the bond between the foam and the carpet layers. EZ Flex uses an advanced flame laminating process that fuses the two together for maximum strength, creating a near-perfect bond.
  • Flex System/Cuts: To make the EZ Flex rolling method possible, cuts must be made in the foam on the back side of the mat. Our state of the art computerized system makes a perfect cut every time while leaving the carpet layer untouched, for a fold that won’t fail over time

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Ez Flex Color

Blue, Light Blue


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