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Plain - Junior

by Chacott

Size – Junior (50cm)

Material – Fibreglass with Rubber Grip

Included – Stick Case and One Double Swivel

  • Price: USD$37.72

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Injury Prevention - Small Items


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Tiger Paws

by Amove Pty Ltd

Tiger paws use a unique support system that allow you to control the stiffness of the flex paw, giving you full customisation to suit your needs

Tiger paws help in relieving pressure on sensitive nerves, reducing pain from repetitive stress & over use injuries 

Provides a great level of support & is a favourite amongst gymnasts

Tiger paws will be very stiff to begin with, and straps may seem to be too small- this is normal. As you wear your paws, they will adjust to your hands and bend slightly to allow more room for the straps to hold firmly

Size  Weight (kg)
S 31-52 kg
M 52-68kg
L Over 68kg
  • Price: USD$51.43

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15HBB 00
15HBB 00

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High Bar Buckle


If you do not know what size grips are required either click here for the REISPORT GRIP SIZING INFORMATION 

Or alternatively please trace the person's hand who requires the grips on a piece of paper. Add a ten (10) centimetre scale line next to the tracing and send or fax the tracing. 

Our experienced staff at AMCO will then be able to determine the required grips size.


PLEASE NOTE: When grips are received they must be measured against clean hands  in front of coach before use. If grips need to be returned as incorrect size they MUST be in the same condition as when you received them or grips will not be exchanged.

  • Price: USD$50.74

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Hoops and Tapes

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Star Holo Tapes
Star Hoop Tape


by Amove Pty Ltd

Length – 30m

Width – 1.5cm

Adhesive Tape.

One roll will tape 1 hoop + Extra

  • Price: USD$13.03

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Toe Shoes


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Grishko toe shoes

  • Grishko leather competition toes shoes
  • Made in Russia
  • Price: USD$28.80

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Clubs Chacott
Clubs Chacott

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41cm Rubber Ends

by Chacott

Length – 41cm

Weight – 150g

Material – Plastic with Rubber



  • Price: USD$67.89

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Sasaki 3tone
Sasaki 3tone

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M-280GV - Three Tone

by Sasaki Sports Inc

Length – 3m

Material – Nylon


  • Price: USD$49.37

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Gym Shoes


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IWA Grip Socks

by IWA

Silcon grip at heel and toe

Non slip active socks

  • Price: USD$14.40

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Chacott Range

Chacott Prism Balls
Chacott Prism Balls

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Fresh Blue
Sugar Pink


by Chacott

Size - Senior

Diameter - 18.5cm

Weighs around 400g each

FIG Approved

  • Price: USD$74.74

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Sasaki Balls Range

Venus Sasaki
Venus Sasaki

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M-207VE Venus

by Sasaki Sports Inc

Size - Senior

Diameter - 18.5cm

Weighs around 410g each

FIG Approved

  • Price: USD$75.43

More Info on M-207VE Venus
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Ball Pump Lilac
Ball Pump Lilac

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Sasaki ball pump

by Sasaki Sports Inc

Able to Inflate and Deflate Sasaki Ball’s.

Easy to use hand pump.

Made of Rubber.

  • Price: USD$26.74

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