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5 in 1 Bar System

by Tumbl Trak

Price - $1,565.00aud

Our most versatile, high end training bar system that we offer. With 5 separate set up options, the uses are endless!  5 different set-ups in 1 Bar System! (1) Single bar, (2) Double bar, (3) Mini Unevens, (4) P-bars, or (5) Multi-Use Fun/Wall Station, the 5-in-1 Bar System is big in ideas and uses for its small footprint.

The 5-in-1 system is action packed as several learners can be engaged at one time. Supportive enough to strap a wall system, (add a Power Launch and floor bar!) for a full circuit workout!  Each bar is adjustable from 38in to 59in and is stable enough for various swinging, hanging and strength skills.  Each bar slides independently along the 6ft length of the base and can be set at various distances from each other.

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