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21 10PK
21 10PK

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Recreation Tumbl Trak

by Tumbl Trak

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The Recreational Tumbl Trak is an original Tumbl Trak, but with SOFT springs designed specifically for gymnasts that weigh 110 lbs or less. The rebound on a Recreation Trak is not as quick and a little more gentle which is great for young ones who are just learning; or for certain drills like seat drops or back drop where a softer spring is desired.

The Recreational Tumbl Trak features a 6in mini tramp spring, a narrower bed and colorful padding, which makes it a wonderful station for recreational classes and preschool classes. All models ship via Motor Freight.  Another feature offered only by Tumbl Trak is the loop velcro strip located along the sides of each Tumbl Trak.  This velcro allows you to attach other items like the Tumbl Trak along the edge of the tumbling surface so athletes and coaches can measure their tumbling passes and work towards stretching out their tumbling.

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