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Screenshot 2018 11 28 Micro
Screenshot 2018 11 28 Micro

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Micro Ramp
Micro Ramp

Micro Ramp

by Tumbl Trak

0.9 x 1.2m x 12cm - $330.00aud

The Micro Ramp makes a perfect run-up ramp for the Launch Pad. With a Sweet Spot on top, the Micro Ramp can be used as a "vault board" for preschoolers. Place the Micro Ramp under the Launch Pad to incline it and use it as a take-off surface. Stack two Micro Ramps to make a "take off" block. Put a Sweet Spot on top of that to create a great launch surface for back handsprings and flips. Made of high-quality, firm foam.

Sweet spot and Launch Pad not included.

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