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Large sliders front & back FW
Large sliders front & back FW

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Sliders Large

by Tumbl Trak

Price for one slider only.

Increase your strength, flexibility, and stamina with Tumbl Trak’s new Large Sliders.  The Large Sliders are 12" long x 9.5" wide.  They’re perfect for press handstands, upper body exercises, and hamstring curls and pushes.  You asked for it, so we made it!  The Large Slider will become a staple item for coaches and gymnasts looking to incorporate creative ways to improve strength and flexibility.

The larger surface of this single Slider accommodates placement of two feet, two hands, your bottom or your knees.  The Large Slider is even wide enough to be placed under your back.  Think of the numerous of ways you can use this size Slider to expand your slider routine! Order many, because every coach and athlete in your gym will want one.  The Large Slider can also be used as a transfer disc for physical therapy.

  • Price: USD$16.28

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