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Fun sticks a;;
Fun sticks a;;

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Fun Stick

by Tumbl Trak

30cm - $35.00aud
1m - $45.00aud
1.2mt - $65.00aud


Price is for one fun stick only, please note colours are chosen at random.


Fun Sticks are an exciting product which have many, many uses. Use a set for jumping over, marking stations, obstacle courses, and more! Velcro flaps on one end of each Fun Stick allow them to stand up on closed loop carpeted surfaces. Also, there is hook Velcro on one full side of the Fun Stick which allows it to be attached to a closed loop wall surface.

Fun Sticks are an essential element in creating a Forster Handstand Training System, which helps gymnasts learn to self-correct handstand positioning at all skill levels.

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