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Pastel Incline 1
Pastel Incline 1

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Rainbow Incline 1
Folding Incline


by Tumbl Trak

60 x 1.2 x 36cm - $305..00aud

90 x 1.8 x 41cm - $540.00aud

1.5 x 2.1 x 41cm - $1,035.00aud

All wedges available in Primary Rainbow or Bright Pastel.

Inclines are one of the most functional and versatile Progressive Skill Builders for your gymnastics and cheer programs. They are used at all levels and as skill builders for most events. Uphill vaulting, transition training on bars, basic tumbling on floor, and conditioning are only a few of their applications. This item is also commonly referred to as: "cheese mat", "wedge mat", "wedges". 

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