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Lady Velcro Grips

by Amove Pty Ltd

  • Suitable for beginners to intermediate
  • a cheaper options for those just starting to wear grips.
  • Please note; That these grips only go up to a size 1 (16.5cm from top of middle finger to the bottom of the palm). If a tracing is received that is over a size one AMCO Gymnastics will be in contact with you.    
  • Sizing your grips:
  • If you do not know what size grips are required please trace the person's hand who requires the grips on a piece of paper. 
  • Add a ten (10) centimetre scale line next to the tracing and send or fax the tracing. 
  • On the online order form, in the additional delivery information field, please specify if you are faxing the tracing or sending it by post. 
  • Our experienced staff at AMCO will then be able to determine the required grips size.                                         
  • Price: USD$35.61

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