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Crystal Lettering
Crystal Lettering

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Crystal Lettering on shorts

by Amove Pty Ltd

Customised shorts with crystal lettering

-Crystal letters across the back of the shorts
-Shorts Style: Low-cut straight front
-Colour: Black
-Fabric: Velvet

The shorts (without lettering) cost $25 you can add your name for an additional $25+

Price guide:
Up to 4 letters $25 + shorts $25 = $50
5 letters $30 +shorts $25 = $55
6 letters $35 +shorts $25 = $60
7 letters $40 +shorts $25 = $65

The price increases by $5 /letter, minimum cost for lettering alone is $25

Order details: please note that the total price displayed will automatically be set on the cheapest option (4 letters), if the name you have requested has more than 4 letters in it you will need to factor in this cost as you will be charged an extra $5 per letter on top of the "total" price that appears on your order.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to email us:

  • Price: USD$34.35

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