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Cast Trainer
Cast Trainer

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Cast Trainer 1

Cast Trainer- ONLY

by Tumbl Trak

Price - $529.00aud

Mat and Jnr Bar Pro not included in price of Cast Trainer.

The Cast Trainer is a device that offers developing gymnasts a progressive approach to casting to a handstand. It is a super useful attachment to any of our Jr. Training Bars to help develop and train casting to a handstand.

The Cast Trainer bracket attaches to the frame of either the Tumbl Trak Jr. Kip Bar or Jr. Bar PRO. It features an adjustable bar (1.5" diameter) that gymnasts can effortlessly move from easy to more challenging settings as they are ready. The Cast Trainer is an extremely useful tool for teaching bar casts. Since it is an add-on attachment to a Tumbl Trak Jr. Bar, it only uses a 4ft x 6ft (or 8ft if your Jr. Kip Bar has extensions) stamp on the gym floor, making the Jr. Bar an even better investment in money and space for any gymnastics gym.

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