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Pit pillow all 4 landing mat 1051a
Pit pillow all 4 landing mat 1051a

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Pit Pillow FW single

Pit Pillow Small

by Tumbl Trak

CODE: PP-36488
91 x 1.2 x 20cm 
This is an extra soft gymnastic mat (some might call it a throw mat), with denim cover and very low density foam, designed to mimic the feel of a mat on a loose foam pit.

It should be placed on another foam or air mat for use outside a pit. It is not intended for use alone on hard surfaces. The Pit Pillow may also be used as a “throw mat” for a trampoline. It would be great for putting in a loose foam pit, as skill learning progresses to the point where a gymnast is ready for a slightly firmer landing. The Pit Pillow has Velcro™ on all sides, so that several can be connected end-to-end, side-by-side or stacked vertically. The Velcro™ also allows the Pit Pillow to connect to our other smart mats, such as the Mama Bear or the Jr. Air Floor with cover.

PARENT TIP: Our softest landing mat, the denim cover can be unzipped and washed in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.

All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.
Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

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