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Air barrel cradles chocks
Air barrel cradles chocks

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Screenshot 2018 11 27 Air B
Screenshot 2018 11 28 Cradl
Air Barrel blue 34in black
Air barrel red 24in cradles

Air Barrel Cradle

by Tumbl Trak

24in - $259.00aud

30in - TBA

Round shapes roll - but what if you don’t want them to?  Tumbl Trak has re-designed the cradle to help keep an Air Barrel, or other round shape in its place for drills when rolling is not desirable.

Choose from two different size cradles that will work with our three sized air barrels. The small cradle pairs with both the 24” and 30” Air Barrel or choose the large cradle to pair with either the 30” or 36” Air Barrel. All cradles have a nylon strapping system to hold the cradle securely to the barrel. Each pair has Velcro strategically placed on the bottom to affix it to closed loop carpet.
The small cradles also work well for stabilizing the Tumbl Trak Air Pit - just place the cradles under the rounded edge. Many creative coaches also use the cradles on their own as obstacles, pathways and for plyometric conditioning.

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