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Screenshot 2018 11 27 Air B
Screenshot 2018 11 27 Air B

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Air Barrel

by Tumbl Trak

24" - $350.00aud

30" - TBA

36" - TBA


While the Air Barrel may look like a foam octagon or barrel, it is filled with air and is BOUNCY, helping with drills that cannot be done with traditional foam shapes.  Athletes will appreciate landing on the gentle bouncy surface when doing back handspring, back tuck, and front handspring drills, obstacle courses and more!!  The Air Barrel is also easy to deflate and put into storage when not in use and ships for a lot less than a traditional octagon.

  • Choose the 24” Air Barrel for athletes 35 to 43 inches tall
  • Choose the 30" Air Barrel for athletes 44 to 53 inches tall
  • Choose the 36” Large Air Barrel for athletes who are taller than 53 inches

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