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MR 345
MR 345

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Micro Ramp

by Tumbl Trak

The Micro Ramp is little, but versatile with many uses.  

Sometimes products that are light and easy to move around the gym get the most use.  

The Micro Ramp easily folds in half, stays securely closed and features handles for easy carrying.

The Micro Ramp makes a perfect run-up ramp for the Launch Pad. With a Sweet Spot on top, the Micro Ramp can be used as a "vault board" for preschoolers.

Place the Micro Ramp under the Launch Pad to incline it and use it as a take-off surface. Stack two Micro Ramps to make a "take off" block. Put a Sweet Spot on top of that to create a great launch surface for back handsprings and flips. Made of high-quality, firm foam.

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