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SS24 C
SS24 C

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Jnr Sweet Spot

by Tumbl Trak

The Jr. Sweet Spot is a smaller version of the Sweet Spot, that is 2 inches thick rather than 3 inches thick.

Just like the popular Sweet Spot, the Jr. Sweet Spot is designed to be used to enhance take-offs for hands or feet, and to put less stress on wrists and ankles.* The Jr. Sweet Spot is designed to be used alone or with a Micro Ramp as a preschool vault board. It can be attached to a standard vault board with straps, which are included. For training purposes, it can be used as a hand mat for Yurchenko vaults. (Not
intended for use on hard surfaces.)

* More reps-easier on wrists, knees and ankles for back tumbling, front tumbling and vaulting.

All materials meet CSPIA standards. Designed in the USA.




Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

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