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BGM 10612
BGM 10612

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Bungee Mat

by Tumbl Trak

Weighing in at around 90 lbs. the Bungee Mat is easily inflated and set up in just a few minutes. The tightness of the mat can easily be adjusted by adding or releasing air.

The Bungee technology has been through several years of development, and many generations of design. Bungee technology includes 28 oz. supported vinyl inside and out. Bungee cords are connected internally to offer more response and durability for the mats. As with any inflatable, a small refill may be needed a few times per week.

The applications for how the bungee equipment can be used are endless.
For ideas and suggestions of use, please visit the Training Tips section of our website.
Units are semi-sealed, meaning they stay inflated with an occasional "top off" of air, depending on amount of use.
ALL BUNGEE PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. If used outside, warranty will be voided.

All materials meet CSPIA standards. Designed in the USA.




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