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Eurotramp Double Mini 6x6
Eurotramp Double Mini 6x6

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Ultimate Double Mini 6x6

Time for innovations!
The brand new FIG certi ed Ultimate DMT 6x6 from Eurotramp: a big milestone for Double-Minitramp gymnastics - a worthwile investment in safety, performance and durability! Coaches and athletes are excited about the power of the new Ultimate DMT 6x6.

  • Unique in the world: the innovative 6x6 mm high-performance jumping bed
  • Optimisation of the sinking depth in the jumping bed centre for a better security of the athlete
  • The new frame cover: ef cient, safe and durable with new frame padding
  • More power and durability due to optimised spring suspension
  • High-performance springs guarantee a high performance consistency
  • Unique energy-ef ciency for the athletes
  • Optimal balanced jumping behaviour
  • Excellent standing stability of frame
  • Highly stable frame structure of high performance steel
  • Competition DMT of the next World Championships and important national and international competitions

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