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Gymnastics is My Life Packa
Gymnastics is My Life Packa

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Gymnastics Is My Life

by Tumbl Trak

Great for developmental team up to beginning optionals and Excel gymnasts. The equipment in this package allows a gymnast to fine tune their skills (cartwheels on the beam, circles on the bar, etc.) at home safely. This versatile package includes a bar, beam, incline, Handstand Homework, sliders for conditioning and appropriate matting.

The Jr. Bar PRO is a perfect home training bar for beginner to intermediate athletes.  The Brianna Beam feels just like the competition beam and at 8ft long allows the athlete to practice a larger variety of skills than the Sectional Beam. The Handstand Homework Mat is great for practicing handstands, one of the most essential skills in gymnastics, at home. The Handstand Homework Workbook is also included to help give your athlete some basic instruction for doing skills safely at home. The Folding Incline is one of the most functional and versatile progressive skill builders.



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