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Starter Home Gym Package
Starter Home Gym Package

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Starter Home Gym

by Tumbl Trak

Perfect for the recreational or beginner team gymnast looking to strengthen skills and reinforce good habits safely at home, in the shapes they learn in the gym from their coaches. This great portable package includes a bar, beam, incline, sliders for conditioning and the appropriate matting. 

The Jr. Kip Bar is a perfect starter home training bar and extensions can be added to further stabilize the bar as your child grows.  The Sectional Beam is perfect for gaining confidence walking on a 4in beam as well as doing a variety of skills like donkey kicks, handstands, jumps and leaps.  The Junior Practice Mat is great for underneath the bar, it can also be used by itself for tumbling drills and progressions. The Folding Incline is one of the most functional and versatile progressive skill builders.


PLEASE NOTE: In this package we include the Junior Bar Pro, not the Junior Kip Bar.

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