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Amco celebrates 30 years in business

Posted 9 May 2013 09:00AM

This year we are very proud to be celebrating 30 years in business. AMCO was founded in 1983 by Arlette and Michael Ulrich when their children started gymnastics. Through their children and friends at gymnastics a need for grips was identi-fied and being from Swit-zerland Arlette contacted Reisport - a Swiss com-pany that manufactures grips. And so began AMCO Gymnastics. As the years went on the business steadily grew to provide Rhythmic Equip-ment as well. AMCO formed partnerships with Sasaki and Chacott to provide top RG equip-ment. AMCO also created their own brand of leotards, longs and shorts called Amove.

To this day we are providing custom designed leotards to individual gymnasts and to Gymnastics Clubs around Australia and New Zealand. We are also thrilled to partner with what we believe to be one of the best leotard manufactures in the World, Dreamlight. With Amove and Dreamlight our Clubs and customers have the best of both worlds to choose from. AMCO took the next step into providing Gym-nastics Equipment in 2010. We are very proud to bring Tumbl Trak, EZ Flex mats and the world leader in equipment Janssen Fritsen. With these latest additions to our product range we can truly say that we are Australia’s only “One Stop Shop’ for all gym-nastics needs.

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